Was 2014 A Good Year For You? Make 2015 Your Most Fulfilling Year Yet!

With 2014 coming to a close it’s a great time to take a moment and reflect on what the last 12 months have meant to you, your career and your life.

New Year GoalsIn fact, if you really want to get ahead in 2015, we suggest you take some serious time to look back on all of your successes, and your failures, in the last year.  While you’re doing that, it’s a great idea to write down your emotions, feelings, doubts, excitement and anything else that might come to mind.

The simple fact is this; a year can go by pretty fast and, when the end of 2015 is getting close, you’ll be able to go back and take a look at what you’re writing right now, which will give you a lot of insight and might even surprise you.

Something else you definitely should be doing soon is writing down your goals for next year.

Not a fan of writing down goals? If you want to make real change in your life, you need to become one.

Writing down your goals and then going back and reviewing them regularly is one of the very best ways to actually make those goals a reality. We’re not psychologists but we can tell you that, psychologically speaking, reviewing your goals on a regular basis has been shown to increase the chances that reaching those goals will be accomplished.

In other words, write down your goals and review them regularly and your mind will do the rest (or at least the lion’s share of the rest).

If you’ve tried writing down your goals in the past but haven’t been successful, you might need to simply set fewer goals or set goals that are short-term rather than long term.

New Year GoalsFor example, if you want to learn a new language in 2015, purchase a language learning product and set a goal of reading (and mastering) one chapter per month, rather than setting a goal of learning Spanish by the end of the year.  Shorter goals are more “digestible” and the feeling of accomplishment you’ll have as each month progresses, and each chapter is mastered, will fuel your desire to keep going.

You can use this type of goal setting to master practically everything, from learning a new language to a new skill or computer program, setting up a personal budget and almost anything else you wish to accomplish in the new year.

Again, writing those goals down and reviewing them regularly (once a week is best) is a proven method for accomplishing, well, just about anything.

If you can set your mind on doing that, and make a commitment to goal setting and reviewing in 2015, we assure you that you’ll be absolutely amazed at what you can accomplish in the coming year.

We’d also like to let you know that, during the next 12 months, we’ll be here to support you, answer your questions and give you help and advice when you need it.  We’ll be launching more products and services in 2015 to help you win back valuable free time to ensure 2015 is a more fulfilling and enjoyable one for you.

From all of us here at My Secret Friend we’d like to wish you a safe and Happy Holiday season and a fantastic 2015.

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Was 2014 A Good Year For You? Make 2015 Your Most Fulfilling Year Yet!

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