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Table saltWe’re always keen to bring you ideas and tips on how to make the most of your Food Diary so that you further strengthen your transition to healthy eating. We therefore thought it would be useful to touch upon the use of salt in your diet and to dispel the myth around salt. Table salt has the justified label of being the scurge of your diet as most of the nutrients you need have been stripped from it. If you eat too much table salt it can raise your blood pressure, which puts you at increased risk of health problems such as heart disease and stroke.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has stated that “salt reduction is of equal importance to smoking cessation”. It’s a real killer! So how much salt should we be consuming each day? Well it varies from adult to adult, depending on your current health but the rule of thumb is we should limit our daily intake to a MAXIMUM of 6g of salt (around one full teaspoon) so if you are consuming over 6g of salt per day, then it’s time to seriously look at reducing the amount you’re putting into your body. 75% of the salt we eat is already in our everyday foods (so if we automatically consume 4.5g in everyday foods, we should look to add the MAXIMUM of 1.5g to any meals we prepare).

Changing the taste of a meal with salt is something you do everyday and table salt is everywhere and known to everyone but have you heard of sea salt which is, in fact, good for you. Regular table salt is highly processed, heat-blasted and chemically treated which strips away the nutrients so that it is left with 97 – 99 percent salinity. Sea salt, the “quiet cousin” of the salt family, like anything natural, is a much better option for you. Celtic Sea Salt, Himalayan, Gros Sel, Hawaiian, Smoked salt and Aztec Sea Salt offer a heartier, tastier salt.

Why Our Body Needs Salt

Sea SaltThe human body requires over 90 vitamins and minerals every day to perform the essential functions. Salt is another word for sodium ions, and it is these ions that act as connectors to transmit information between our nerves. The electrically charged salt ions maintain the fluids and the sugar level in the blood cells.

Salt is used by the small intestines to absorb certain nutrients before they leave the body. It also contains the bone-building trace minerals of iron, sulfur, magnesium, potassium and calcium which combined with other electrolyte minerals work to support the healthy function of muscle tissues – healthy muscles equal healthy bones. Salt is crucial to the body, so it would be more beneficial to you to eliminate the bad salt commonly seen in supermarkets and then become somewhat picky about the salt you put on your table.

Natural Salts with Better Compositions

Natural salts are the best choices, and Celtic Sea Salt and Aztec Sea Salt are very good for you because natural salts contain over 80 trace minerals. So, despite reports from the medical community that salt should be eliminated from our diets, when you use the right salt, it can be tasty and nutritious.

Celtic Sea Salt is harvested by hand from the ocean, and then set out to dry. Celtic Sea Salt is unprocessed and contains over 80 minerals like most natural salts.

Aztec Sea Salt is another natural, non-processed salt derived from the sea. It is hand- harvested in Mexico and Australia, and the grains are distinctively coarse and flavourful. Both Celtic Sea Salt and Aztec Sea Salt are very good for you because the minerals have not been stripped out, and they add a nice touch of flavour.

Himalayan Salt, also known as Pink Salt, is found deep in the Himalayan Mountains, where the crystals formed over 250 million years ago. Himalayan Salt has the highest levels of minerals because of the pristine conditions of the mountains.

Where Can I Buy Natural Salts

You can purchase Celtic and Himalayan Sea Salt from Amazon and Whole Foods. Prices start from £5.29 for a 1lb (454g) bag.


These are three of the most popular natural salts. If you have never tried sea salt, try one of these for your family. You will be pleasantly surprised.

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Did You Know Salt Can Improve Your Health?

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