Is your hair thinning? Find out which 4 vegetables will stop this.

Our stressful busy lives, which give rise to the challenge of eating healthy every day, is taking a toll on our bodies and one of the signs of not getting enough nutrients from our diet is the appearance of thinning hair.

Any nutrients we consume are firstly distributed to certain parts of the body and the scalp is the last place to receive any nutrients, if there is anything left over in our system. If we are not consuming enough nutrients on a daily basis then our scalp will suffer as it won’t get any at all and we will start to experience thinning hair.

Before the age of fast foods and convenience food, which really started to appear on our supermarket shelves and on the high streets around 1965 (KFC in 1965, McDonalds and Wimpy in 1974 and Burger King in 1977), our diets consisted of more vegetables and salads and thinning hair was not such a big problem. Now however, as women, we are starting to see thinning hair becoming more and more common.

If you have found that your hair is not as full as it used to be, then the article below will be a great starting point to restoring your hair. By consuming some key vegetables and green tea on a daily basis, it is guaranteed that you will start to see results in 2-3 months. The key is to be patient and consistent and to diligently add these vegetables and at least one cup of green tea every day to your Food diary.

For Your Thinning Hair

Combat Thinning Hair with the Power of Green Vegetables
Green vegetablesThinning hair can be a nightmare for members of the fairer sex; a woman’s hair is often a defining feature of her appearance and one of the first attributes men notice. When hair starts to thin it can feel like a loss of one’s femininity. There are plenty of cosmetic and medical treatments available, however, there are several foods that can help combat this phenomenon without risking your physical [or financial] health.

The Power of Green Vegetables
If you have thinning hair, put a stop to it now through the power of green vegetables. Spinach, kale, broccoli, and cucumbers are full of essential nutrients that make them 4 powerful vegetables for thinning hair. You most likely already eat these vegetables anyway, but by focusing your veggie intake on this powerful foursome you can combat the thinning of your hair and regain your gorgeous locks.

If you don’t love the idea of stuffing yourself with plates of veggies, the members of this powerful quartet are easy to consume as a green smoothie. You can add an apple or pear to your juicer with any of these green powerhouses in order to add a bit of sweetness. The longer you drink these smoothies, the less sweetness you will crave from them. Even if you continue to add a fruit, you are still reaping the benefits of the veggies for only a small addition of [healthy] calories!

Green Tea
Green TeaNot everyone is a lover of green vegetables, however. There are plenty of times that we would rather eat something else and we’re sure many others feel the same way. The good news is that if you are averse to eating large quantities of vegetables or you don’t have time to make a green smoothie, studies have also found green tea is good for thinning hair. You don’t even have to load up on it; just drink at least a cup of green tea each day for 2-3 months to see results! This is something just about everyone can get on board with. I mean, who doesn’t like a nice, refreshing cup of tea?

By incorporating one glass of green smoothie and at least one cup of green tea every day for at least 2-3 months you will start to see some real results. A smoothie and a cup of green tea only takes around 5 minutes each to make. So that’s ten minutes out of your day to give your body the nutrients it needs to halt thinning hair.

Secret Tip

Nutribullet smoothie makerFor those who read our Newsletters, you are probably aware that we are huge, huge fans of Green Smoothies! And the general public is now really becoming aware of the benefits. It is such a powerful smoothie which supplies you with a large part of your daily nutrients and nutrients are vital for feeding your organs and to keep your body running at it’s optimum. As much as we like fast and convenience food, this is not what your body needs. There are little nutrients within these foods and the body is unable to convert it into the fuel you need to keep you at your best. If you have not been feeling 100% or you have been suffering from a constant stream of minor ailments/full-blown health issues, this simple smoothie really does go some way to solving quite a lot of your health problems.

We wanted to take a step back and show you how easy it is to incorporate a smoothie into your diet every day. A very quick way to prepare your daily smoothie is to purchase a smoothie blender. You can prepare all your vegetables and fruit the night before, which is what we do, which will take even less than 5 minutes to make your smoothie in the morning if you are that much pushed for time.

Our blender of choice is the NutriBullet and we are sure many of you will have seen it advertised on the TV. They are quick, easy to use and a dream to wash up.

Watch the video below on how easy it is to use.

When we first saw the advert for the NutriBullet we must confess that on first appearance it looked as it if was going to be a lot of work and time consuming but when the NutriBullet was delivered and we fed all of our vegetables and fruits into it, we were truly amazed at how easy it was to use. You will find it is the easiest way to incorporate vegetables into your Food Diary – this solved a lot of problems for us, as it took us ages to work out where to fit our vegetables in and whether we had factored in enough to reach our daily nutrient quota (a real struggle!). If you have a glass of green smoothie every day, you won’t need to think too hard about what vegetables to have at lunch or dinner.

If the NutriBullet is a little too expensive for you at the moment (£99.95), there are others on the market. Asda has a good range which starts from £24.99.

We hope we have shown you how easy it is to factor a green smoothie into your day. The health benefits are enormous and from such a simple and easy smoothie you really are doing your body (and hair) a real favour. We’re convinced the Government should issue a free NutriBullet to every household in the UK – this would be far cheaper than the enormous budget needed to fund the NHS on an annual basis!

Have a good 2 weeks.

With best wishes

My Secret Friend Team
Helping you to be your best

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Is your hair thinning? Find out which 4 vegetables will stop this.

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