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As a Business passionate about diaries, we never miss a moment to tell anyone who will listen how great they are.

Diaries, if used regularly and consistently can really help you to organise your time, enabling you to be more productive and to get more of your tasks completed so that the time saved, can be used to do the things you really want to do. Let’s face it, we would much prefer to spend our time catching up with friends, spend more time with family or indulge in a day of some much needed pampering than battling to get through our usual day-to-day to-do-list. We’re sure at times it must seem almost impossible that we will ever find the time to just relax and enjoy ourselves with all that has to be done. But there is a way and a diary is the answer.

It initially looks time consuming to keep a diary and that you won’t have the time to devote to it but it only takes around 10 minutes towards the end of the day to write down what tasks/things you need to achieve the next day or for the week. This will get you organised, which will save you double the amount of time. And it’s all about momentum. Once you begin to use your diary and see exactly how much time you do save during your week, you will be more than happy and motivated to grab your diary every day at your usual time. We hope the benefits in the article below will encourage you, if you don’t already, to use a diary.

The Benefits of Keeping a Diary

Keeping a diary or a journal is not a fad; there are real benefits that come with taking a relatively short amount of time to journal every day. Women are naturally multi-taskers, and so the day can get hectic and consist of several different elements. This is where a diary can help with all those hectic moments.

List Your Tasks
One benefit of keeping a diary is that at the end of your day, you can spend as little as 10 minutes writing a list of tasks you need to complete the following day or for the whole week. Seeing your tasks written down in black and white will focus you in getting them done. We’ve found that if you look to get your most difficult, time consuming task done in the morning while you’re fresh, the momentum will carry you to get the other tasks done throughout the day. For example, your list could be:

Main List
Take car for MOT
Find a window cleaner
Pick up dry cleaning

Extra List
Book dentist appointment for the yourself/children
Buy birthday present for sister

My Secret Friend Diary

If you are able to take the car for it’s MOT in the morning, which is quite time consuming, then you will be more inclined to complete your other 2 less time consuming tasks. While the car is going through it’s MOT, you may be able to search for a window cleaner on your smart phone or tablet while you wait! Leaving you with just one last task to complete from your Main List (you’re motivational feel good factor will start to kick in at this time, knowing your Main List is almost complete). If you do manage to complete your Main List in the first half of your day and you feel you can accomplish 2 more, then look to your Extra List. If however, time slips away and you are unable to complete your Extra List then schedule them at the top of your Main List for tomorrow’s task.

Once you get into the routine of spending some quiet time of 10 minutes at the end of your day to write your list, you’ll find it will release stress and put you in a happier frame of mind for the next day.

Track What You Eat And Drink
If you work 9-5, you know how difficult it is trying to eat healthily and stick to it! The best way to manage what you eat and drink so you eat as healthily as possible is to keep a food diary. After you’ve spent time sorting out your list of tasks, spend a further 5 minutes going over what you intend to eat the next day or for the whole week. This will save you around 10-30 minutes during the week (winning you back some precious time!).

If you write what you plan to eat in your food diary you will have more of a chance of eating what is listed (a tip is to write this in black ink). Also, if you eat more than you have listed/intended (write this in blue ink), you can then look back over the week and see clearly where you have eaten more than you were intending (everything in blue) and this will help you to pinpoint at what times of the day you tend to overeat and what triggers this. You can then tweak your diet gradually to have more healthy snacks on hand for when those over-eating times do occur. Gradually you should then start to see less blue in your Food Diary!

Personal Achievements
Every year we make our New Year’s Resolution(s) to try and achieve a long held wish or ambition. Usually we will mention it to a friend that we would love to achieve this or accomplish that and most of the time it’s as far as we get with it, adding it to our next New Year’s Resolutions! If you make a note of what you would like to achieve/accomplish in your diary, you’ll find that you are half way there to achieving your goal/dream. Writing it down and seeing it in black and white will start you on the path to taking affirmative action. A diary is perfect for plotting how you can achieve your goal/dream and what steps you’ll need to take to bring you closer to it.

Keeping a diary will motivate you and others around you to find a sense of peace everyday. Daily journaling keeps your mind clear and your time organised, so there is more time in your life to do the things you really enjoy – and to really enjoy them without tasks you’ve been putting off for days or weeks creeping into your mind and spoiling your free time.

Another benefit of diary writing is that there is time to evaluate your life, so it is being enriched each and every day. So many people are caught up in their day-to-day activities that they don’t have a designated quiet time for reflection. This is a great way to train your brain, and to recharge every day as you allow your mind to unwind and restructure again. After a certain amount of time, you will notice that your creativity level rises too.

Decrease Stress
By writing in your diary, stress levels decrease, and you will find that you are more able to focus on the present. Journaling also increases the desire to share pen and ink with others, and using personalized stationery is a wonderful way to express the moment. Women are especially good at doing this, but who’s to say that the male population can’t open up and share, too. Remember the saying, “Living in the Present is a Gift.”

Secret Tip

The key to using your diary regularly and consistently is to buy a diary that you will look forward to opening every evening. You can buy a diary from a number of retailers, to suit all budgets.

My Secret Friend DiaryHere is a list of just a few:

John Lewis
My Secret Friend!

Look for a diary you love the look and feel of both inside and out.

Before you purchase your diary, spend around 15 minutes identifying what help you will need from it. For women, this could cover any of the following:-

New Year’s Resolution(s)
Food diary
Keep Fit and Health
Personal goals and achievements
Appointments, birthdays, anniversaries, parties, Me Time, spa days, massages and saunas
Getting your daily thoughts out and on to paper

For us, we very much view our diaries as our secret friend, helping us to achieve all we need to throughout the year. It’s there as a constant reminder to get things done in a timely fashion so we are as stress free as possible, motivate us to achieve our goals and to free us up to spend quality time with family, friends or time for ourselves. We therefore thought it was the perfect name for our Business.

We hope this edition has convinced you that keeping a Diary is the easiest way for you to win some valuable time back in your day to enable you to spend it in the most enjoyable way. We would love to hear if you bought a diary and how you got on during your first week.

Have a good 2 weeks.

With best wishes

My Secret Friend Team
Helping you to be your best

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Diary Notes Newsletter – 19 April 2014

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