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Was 2014 A Good Year For You? Make 2015 Your Most Fulfilling Year Yet!

With 2014 coming to a close it’s a great time to take a moment and reflect on what the last 12 months have meant to you, your career and your life.

New Year GoalsIn fact, if you really want to get ahead in 2015, we suggest you take some serious time to look back on all of your successes, and your failures, in the last year.  While you’re doing that, it’s a great idea to write down your emotions, feelings, doubts, excitement and anything else that might come to mind.

The simple fact is this; a year can go by pretty fast and, when the end of 2015 is getting close, you’ll be able to go back and take a look at what you’re writing right now, which will give you a lot of insight and might even surprise you.

Something else you definitely should be doing soon is writing down your goals for next year.

Not a fan of writing down goals? If you want to make real change in your life, you need to become one.

Writing down your goals and then going back and reviewing them regularly is one of the very best ways to actually make those goals a reality. We’re not psychologists but we can tell you that, psychologically speaking, reviewing your goals on a regular basis has been shown to increase the chances that reaching those goals will be accomplished.

In other words, write down your goals and review them regularly and your mind will do the rest (or at least the lion’s share of the rest).

If you’ve tried writing down your goals in the past but haven’t been successful, you might need to simply set fewer goals or set goals that are short-term rather than long term.

New Year GoalsFor example, if you want to learn a new language in 2015, purchase a language learning product and set a goal of reading (and mastering) one chapter per month, rather than setting a goal of learning Spanish by the end of the year.  Shorter goals are more “digestible” and the feeling of accomplishment you’ll have as each month progresses, and each chapter is mastered, will fuel your desire to keep going.

You can use this type of goal setting to master practically everything, from learning a new language to a new skill or computer program, setting up a personal budget and almost anything else you wish to accomplish in the new year.

Again, writing those goals down and reviewing them regularly (once a week is best) is a proven method for accomplishing, well, just about anything.

If you can set your mind on doing that, and make a commitment to goal setting and reviewing in 2015, we assure you that you’ll be absolutely amazed at what you can accomplish in the coming year.

We’d also like to let you know that, during the next 12 months, we’ll be here to support you, answer your questions and give you help and advice when you need it.  We’ll be launching more products and services in 2015 to help you win back valuable free time to ensure 2015 is a more fulfilling and enjoyable one for you.

From all of us here at My Secret Friend we’d like to wish you a safe and Happy Holiday season and a fantastic 2015.

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How ME Time can actually help you, your family, your friends and your work

Ideas For Your Me Diary
Helping you to be your best

Ladies, we stress the importance of ME Time very highly around here because, simply put, it’s one of the best, most important activities that you can engage in on a regular basis.

ME Time can help you stay focused in a confusing world, allow you to stay centered when everything around you is a little bit crazy and give you the inner strength that you need to be strong on the outside.

That being said, many of you are still a little confused as to exactly what ME Time is all about, so we decided to put a little blog article together to help you. Enjoy.

Me TimeFirst and most importantly, ME Time is all about taking time on a regular basis to concentrate on the most important person in the world, yourself. We have mentioned before the benefits of factoring in some weekly Me Time into your Diary to have a massage, take a sauna or any other activities you enjoy but if you don’t have the time for a big weekly Me Time session, then a little bit of Me Time every day will be just as beneficial for you.

Many people might think that this is selfish at first glance but, quite the contrary, it’s only by taking care of yourself that you are able to take care of others.

Think about that for just a moment; if you’re angry, depressed, frustrated or any one of a number of negative emotions, it’s going to be much more difficult for you to take care of the people you love, and do well in your career, don’t you agree?

ME Time is about taking the time to look inward, examine your thoughts, feelings and emotions and put them down on paper. Scientists and psychologists agree that this is one of the best ways to work through any difficulties or challenges that life might throw at you.

ME Time is not only important but can be enjoyable and fun too. We recommend taking a few minutes every morning to enjoy your green smoothie, cup of coffee, tea or other morning beverage and, while you count all of the positives and blessings in your life, jot down your thoughts about the events of the last day.

Seeing your thoughts on paper can be very cathartic, and help clear your mind so that fresh thoughts and ideas can develop. In fact, many women have told us that some of their best ideas have come about because of the writing that they do in their diary during ME Time.

Getting your ME Time every morning also helps you to focus your thoughts for the day ahead and mentally prepare yourself for whatever it might throw at you. (If nothing else, it will help you to duck!)

So, to recap, ME Time is exactly the opposite of selfish because it will help you to stay mentally healthy, which is vital to your overall health.

When you’re mentally healthy, your ability to help others and do well in your work increases exponentially.
ME Time is one of the best activities that you can possibly engage in, it’s enjoyable (yay!) and will help you to focus on the important things in your life, no matter what they happen to be.

We think you’ll agree, those are some wonderful benefits, and all because you take just a little time every day to focus…on you.

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Did You Know Salt Can Improve Your Health?

Ideas For Your Food Diary
Helping you to be your best

Table saltWe’re always keen to bring you ideas and tips on how to make the most of your Food Diary so that you further strengthen your transition to healthy eating. We therefore thought it would be useful to touch upon the use of salt in your diet and to dispel the myth around salt. Table salt has the justified label of being the scurge of your diet as most of the nutrients you need have been stripped from it. If you eat too much table salt it can raise your blood pressure, which puts you at increased risk of health problems such as heart disease and stroke.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has stated that “salt reduction is of equal importance to smoking cessation”. It’s a real killer! So how much salt should we be consuming each day? Well it varies from adult to adult, depending on your current health but the rule of thumb is we should limit our daily intake to a MAXIMUM of 6g of salt (around one full teaspoon) so if you are consuming over 6g of salt per day, then it’s time to seriously look at reducing the amount you’re putting into your body. 75% of the salt we eat is already in our everyday foods (so if we automatically consume 4.5g in everyday foods, we should look to add the MAXIMUM of 1.5g to any meals we prepare).

Changing the taste of a meal with salt is something you do everyday and table salt is everywhere and known to everyone but have you heard of sea salt which is, in fact, good for you. Regular table salt is highly processed, heat-blasted and chemically treated which strips away the nutrients so that it is left with 97 – 99 percent salinity. Sea salt, the “quiet cousin” of the salt family, like anything natural, is a much better option for you. Celtic Sea Salt, Himalayan, Gros Sel, Hawaiian, Smoked salt and Aztec Sea Salt offer a heartier, tastier salt.

Why Our Body Needs Salt

Sea SaltThe human body requires over 90 vitamins and minerals every day to perform the essential functions. Salt is another word for sodium ions, and it is these ions that act as connectors to transmit information between our nerves. The electrically charged salt ions maintain the fluids and the sugar level in the blood cells.

Salt is used by the small intestines to absorb certain nutrients before they leave the body. It also contains the bone-building trace minerals of iron, sulfur, magnesium, potassium and calcium which combined with other electrolyte minerals work to support the healthy function of muscle tissues – healthy muscles equal healthy bones. Salt is crucial to the body, so it would be more beneficial to you to eliminate the bad salt commonly seen in supermarkets and then become somewhat picky about the salt you put on your table.

Natural Salts with Better Compositions

Natural salts are the best choices, and Celtic Sea Salt and Aztec Sea Salt are very good for you because natural salts contain over 80 trace minerals. So, despite reports from the medical community that salt should be eliminated from our diets, when you use the right salt, it can be tasty and nutritious.

Celtic Sea Salt is harvested by hand from the ocean, and then set out to dry. Celtic Sea Salt is unprocessed and contains over 80 minerals like most natural salts.

Aztec Sea Salt is another natural, non-processed salt derived from the sea. It is hand- harvested in Mexico and Australia, and the grains are distinctively coarse and flavourful. Both Celtic Sea Salt and Aztec Sea Salt are very good for you because the minerals have not been stripped out, and they add a nice touch of flavour.

Himalayan Salt, also known as Pink Salt, is found deep in the Himalayan Mountains, where the crystals formed over 250 million years ago. Himalayan Salt has the highest levels of minerals because of the pristine conditions of the mountains.

Where Can I Buy Natural Salts

You can purchase Celtic and Himalayan Sea Salt from Amazon and Whole Foods. Prices start from £5.29 for a 1lb (454g) bag.


These are three of the most popular natural salts. If you have never tried sea salt, try one of these for your family. You will be pleasantly surprised.

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The Benefits of Enlisting The Help of A Diet Food Delivery Service

Can you guess what the top 3 worldwide New Year’s Resolutions for 2014 were? Well, they may not come as a surprise to you:

1) Losing weight
2) Getting organised
3) Spend less, save more

Did you also know that:

– 75% manage to stick to their New Year Resolution(s) throughout the first week?
– 46% manage to stick to their New Year Resolution(s) for 6 months.
– Those that make Resolutions are 10 times more likely to achieve their goals.

It’s not surprising that losing weight takes the No.1 spot. For many, the ushering in of a new year fills us with optimism and another chance for a new beginning to really tackle that weight issue. Also, after a complete “blow out” over Christmas, losing weight is likely to be at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

That “New Year feeling” of good intentions and determination to lose weight usually has us fired up ready to make a good start and our game plan, if we’re honest, usually does not include a lot of organised planning, just a determined effort to eat a few more salads, fruit and vegetables and to try to cut out as much of the bad foods as we possibly can. This works well for the first week or so and then we start to falter, become bored with the new foods we’re eating and start to return to our old eating habits where the bad foods are easy to obtain and consume. Then it’s game over until the next New Year’s Resolution.

If you’re someone who can’t get past the first week of trying to losing weight or to eat healthier then you should seriously give some thought to enlisting the help of a diet food delivery service. Read our feature article below to see how they could just be the thing that helps you to achieve your diet goal and enable you to finally tick off that New Year’s Resolution.

2 Benefits of Enlisting The Help of A Diet Food Delivery Service

As many of you know, losing weight can be difficult. There are so many unhealthy foods around to tempt you away from a healthy diet. Finding the proper diet food can be a full-time job in itself but if you’re really determined to tackle your weight or begin to eat more healthily this year then the best start you can give yourself is to enlist the help of a Diet Food Delivery Service. There are two main benefits of hiring this service, at least, for the first two weeks of your “losing weight/healthy diet journey”:

1. They can save you a great deal of time searching for healthy food
2. They will help you to stay on the path to keeping to a more nutritious diet

Finding Good Healthy Food

Smoked SalmonWhen you’re trying to eat more healthily, you try not to think of all the unhealthy, processed food in the shops and supermarkets. It’s a mammoth task not to stray, especially if you lead a more hectic life where there’s no time to go shopping for the right foods or you do not have time to cook proper nutritious meals. The first 2 weeks of your “change of diet journey” is always the hardest and you’re more likely to give up and return to your old eating habits within this time if it all seems like hard work. It’s the most stressful time of your ‘diet journey’ while you try to adjust.

It is therefore really worth asking a diet food delivery service to prepare all your meals for you for at least the first 2 weeks. If you can afford to continue to use their service for a little bit longer, you will find it even more beneficial. By having your meals prepared for you, the diet food delivery service will make sure every meal provides all the right nutrients your body needs and the right amount of calories to get you through the day. All meals are freshly prepared and the food is usually creative and delicious. No boring cardboard like food or really bland salads.

Accomplish Your Dietary Goals

In the UK, there are a few diet food delivery services that are able to help you succeed with your diet goal. One of them is Total Diet Food, an excellent London-based, family-run, home-cooked, personalised food delivery service who deliver healthy meals right to your door 7 days a week. They deliver anywhere in London (within the M25). Their personal chef and nutritionist prepare healthy meals and even calculate the caloric intake, helping you to transition from unhealthy to healthy eating. They have over 6 weeks’ worth of menus and the list is growing! They pride themselves on the variety they can offer and the number of clients who rebook is testament to how varied and delicious the meals are.

The meals are made the previous day to guarantee freshness. All their ingredients are from the most reputable, high-quality merchants. They will prepare a personal diet just for you and will take into account all your dislikes, allergies and whether you are working with a gym instructor or are under the care of a health care professional. Not only does Total Diet Food provide delicious, nutritious meals, they also have a beautiful website where you can create your own food profile and discover great healthy food ideas. Take a look at what they can provide for you at www.totaldietfood.com or telephone Ben Davidson who will be happy to answer any specific questions you may have regarding a personal food plan for you on 020 8626 9360.

Avoid Temptations to Break Your Diet

Without the burden of shopping and meal preparation, a service like Total Diet Food will give you the chance to fully concentrate on other aspects of your diet goal. You will be surprised how easy it is to find the time, energy and the right frame of mind to meet your weekly exercise goals and to fit in some ME Time (which will help you to relieve stress and make you feel even better about yourself). When you’re in control of all of the above three aspects of your life, you’ll find you feel much more motivated to stay on track and how easy it is to avoid temptations when they arise.

So, if you’re really ready to tackle your diet goal this year, give yourself the best chance of succeeding by letting Total Diet Food prepare the right meals for you. The cost of the service is worth every penny. We believe a little investment in yourself now will save you money in the long run and will result in a more happier you. To get you off to a really good start, if you quote the code SECRET10, Total Diet Food will give you a 10% discount off your first order.

Secret Tip

Preparing foodEven if you decide to enlist the help of a diet food delivery service, it is still worth writing all the meals they prepare for you into your food diary. Place an asterisk by the meals you particularly like and set aside some time to see if you can prepare the meal yourself, ready for the time when you have to go it alone. Food boredom is a major factor in sabotaging most diet goals.

By writing all the meals into your diary, on those days when you are really struggling to think of something simple and nutritious to eat, you can look back at all of your favourite meals for inspiration.

Not feeling and looking your best really does impact upon your life in a number of ways. You’re more prone to lots of unhappy days and to dwell on all the negative things that are going on in your life. When you’re feeling your best, life in general has a more positive outlook and you feel much more happier. Any negative events seem much less meaningful to you and dealing with them seems less stressful. So if you’re not feeling your best due to your weight issue or non-healthy eating habit, then set the wheels in motion and start with enlisting the help of a diet food delivery service. We hope this Newsletter gives you food for thought (pun intended!).

Have a good 2 weeks.

With best wishes

My Secret Friend Team
Helping you to be your best

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20 books that will change your life (this week only)

Ideas For Your Food Diary
Ideas For Your Health & Fitness Diary
Helping you to be your best

Over the last few years we have seen an explosion of information on the internet and we must say the quality that has been published with regard to healthy living is excellent. We are becoming more informed because of it and are able to take action to live much healthier lives. There are a few informed “experts” that My Secret Friend follow, really do sit up and listen to and do incorporate much of their advice into our daily lives. One such person is Yuri Elkaim, founder of Total Wellness Consulting (www.totalwellnessconsulting.ca). Yuri is a registered holistic nutritionist, fitness expert and highly sought-after high performance health coach. He’s also a former professional football player.

A better life

Yuri is on a personal mission to transform the lives of more than 10 million people by 2018. He is currently collaborating with 19 other amazing authors and experts in the fields of personal development, health, wealth, success and relationships to make the world a better place. A message we are strongly in favour of!! To celebrate this collaboration, each member of this community is offering one of their bestselling books as part of the 20 Life-Changing Books Box Set bundle for this week only (until midnight Sunday 29th June) for ONLY $3.39. If you were to purchase all 20 books individually, it would cost you over $100. They’re offering this incredible deal because they believe a small investment in yourself can often be the best investment of all. There are over 2,000 pages of education and inspiration. Here is what’s inside the 20 Life-Changing Box Set bundle:-

You can’t cheat success! by Tom Corson-Knowles
Learn how to stop self-sabotage and achieve your dreams without stress or struggle.

Self Confidence Secrets by Dan Johnston
Create unstoppable confidence with proven Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) techniques.

50 Powerful Date Ideas by Jordan Gray
Fifty powerful, unique, cost-effective dates to impress your partner and improve your love life.

I Want What She’s Having Now! by Tora Cullip
A no-nonsense way to get healthier and achieve your ideal weight for women (and smart men).

The Art of Conscious Creation by Jackie Lapin
Create global transformation by mastering the art of conscious creation.

Diagnostic Testing And Functional Medicine by Ameer Rosic
Get to the root cause of your health issues and say goodbye to chronic fatigue, arthritis, autoimmune disease, leaky gut, arthritis, parasites and candida for good.

Intro to Paleo by Abel James
Harness the principles of the Paleo diet, ancestral health and primal fitness to burn fat, build muscle and improve your health.

Stop Negative Thinking by Doc Orman, M.D.
Learn how to eliminate negative thinking before it eliminates you (from a doctor with personal experience).

The Easiest Way by Mabel Katz
Use the ancient Hawaiian wisdom of Ho’oponopono to create the abundant life you deserve.

Income Power by Jason Miles
Learn the secrets to doubling your income while doing more of what you love and less busy work (whether you’re an employee or entrepreneur).

Do Nothing, Achieve Everything by Michael Mackintosh
Discover how to achieve true freedom and fulfillment.

REV Yourself by Ben Greenfield
Reboot, Elevate and Vitalize your body to achieve peak physical performance.

Why You’re Stuck by Derek Doepker
Learn how to get out of your own way and attract the success you deserve.

The Internet Entrepreneur® by Mick Moore
Leave the rat race and become financially free with an online business.

Unplugged by Scott Rewick
Sometimes you have to pull the plug if you really want to live your life fully.

Celebrity Confessions by James Swanwick
Celebrity journalist James Swanwick shares the best quotes and lessons from interviewing the world’s biggest celebrities like Tom Cruise, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and more.

Red Hot Internet Publicity by Penny Sansevieri
Learn to get your own Red Hot Internet Publicity and get more exposure for your business or cause.

Eating for Energy by Yuri Elkaim
Eliminate fatigue and ill health by Eating for Energy.

Forever Fat Loss by Ari Whitten
Escape the dieting trap and transform your life. Forever.

Unlimited Memory by Kevin Horsley
Learn how the world’s top memory experts concentrate and remember any information at will, and how you can too.

If you’re ready to take every area of your life to a higher level, then this is for you.

You can grab your copy now on Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00KQUGOF4

If you don’t own a Kindle, you can download your free Kindle Reading App for your Ipad or tablet.

We know you’ll find these books amazingly helpful.

Please share this special offer with your friends and loved ones. You never know how just one idea from a single book could change someone’s life forever.

I think you will agree this is a fantastic offer and will help you with every aspect of your life. We are very keen to provide you with information that complements and helps you to really make the most of your diaries.

My Secret Friend has featured this offer because we think you’ll like it, not because we have been paid to mention it.

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Is your hair thinning? Find out which 4 vegetables will stop this.

Our stressful busy lives, which give rise to the challenge of eating healthy every day, is taking a toll on our bodies and one of the signs of not getting enough nutrients from our diet is the appearance of thinning hair.

Any nutrients we consume are firstly distributed to certain parts of the body and the scalp is the last place to receive any nutrients, if there is anything left over in our system. If we are not consuming enough nutrients on a daily basis then our scalp will suffer as it won’t get any at all and we will start to experience thinning hair.

Before the age of fast foods and convenience food, which really started to appear on our supermarket shelves and on the high streets around 1965 (KFC in 1965, McDonalds and Wimpy in 1974 and Burger King in 1977), our diets consisted of more vegetables and salads and thinning hair was not such a big problem. Now however, as women, we are starting to see thinning hair becoming more and more common.

If you have found that your hair is not as full as it used to be, then the article below will be a great starting point to restoring your hair. By consuming some key vegetables and green tea on a daily basis, it is guaranteed that you will start to see results in 2-3 months. The key is to be patient and consistent and to diligently add these vegetables and at least one cup of green tea every day to your Food diary.

For Your Thinning Hair

Combat Thinning Hair with the Power of Green Vegetables
Green vegetablesThinning hair can be a nightmare for members of the fairer sex; a woman’s hair is often a defining feature of her appearance and one of the first attributes men notice. When hair starts to thin it can feel like a loss of one’s femininity. There are plenty of cosmetic and medical treatments available, however, there are several foods that can help combat this phenomenon without risking your physical [or financial] health.

The Power of Green Vegetables
If you have thinning hair, put a stop to it now through the power of green vegetables. Spinach, kale, broccoli, and cucumbers are full of essential nutrients that make them 4 powerful vegetables for thinning hair. You most likely already eat these vegetables anyway, but by focusing your veggie intake on this powerful foursome you can combat the thinning of your hair and regain your gorgeous locks.

If you don’t love the idea of stuffing yourself with plates of veggies, the members of this powerful quartet are easy to consume as a green smoothie. You can add an apple or pear to your juicer with any of these green powerhouses in order to add a bit of sweetness. The longer you drink these smoothies, the less sweetness you will crave from them. Even if you continue to add a fruit, you are still reaping the benefits of the veggies for only a small addition of [healthy] calories!

Green Tea
Green TeaNot everyone is a lover of green vegetables, however. There are plenty of times that we would rather eat something else and we’re sure many others feel the same way. The good news is that if you are averse to eating large quantities of vegetables or you don’t have time to make a green smoothie, studies have also found green tea is good for thinning hair. You don’t even have to load up on it; just drink at least a cup of green tea each day for 2-3 months to see results! This is something just about everyone can get on board with. I mean, who doesn’t like a nice, refreshing cup of tea?

By incorporating one glass of green smoothie and at least one cup of green tea every day for at least 2-3 months you will start to see some real results. A smoothie and a cup of green tea only takes around 5 minutes each to make. So that’s ten minutes out of your day to give your body the nutrients it needs to halt thinning hair.

Secret Tip

Nutribullet smoothie makerFor those who read our Newsletters, you are probably aware that we are huge, huge fans of Green Smoothies! And the general public is now really becoming aware of the benefits. It is such a powerful smoothie which supplies you with a large part of your daily nutrients and nutrients are vital for feeding your organs and to keep your body running at it’s optimum. As much as we like fast and convenience food, this is not what your body needs. There are little nutrients within these foods and the body is unable to convert it into the fuel you need to keep you at your best. If you have not been feeling 100% or you have been suffering from a constant stream of minor ailments/full-blown health issues, this simple smoothie really does go some way to solving quite a lot of your health problems.


We wanted to take a step back and show you how easy it is to incorporate a smoothie into your diet every day. A very quick way to prepare your daily smoothie is to purchase a smoothie blender. You can prepare all your vegetables and fruit the night before, which is what we do, which will take even less than 5 minutes to make your smoothie in the morning if you are that much pushed for time.

Our blender of choice is the NutriBullet and we are sure many of you will have seen it advertised on the TV. They are quick, easy to use and a dream to wash up.

Watch the video below on how easy it is to use.

When we first saw the advert for the NutriBullet we must confess that on first appearance it looked as it if was going to be a lot of work and time consuming but when the NutriBullet was delivered and we fed all of our vegetables and fruits into it, we were truly amazed at how easy it was to use. You will find it is the easiest way to incorporate vegetables into your Food Diary – this solved a lot of problems for us, as it took us ages to work out where to fit our vegetables in and whether we had factored in enough to reach our daily nutrient quota (a real struggle!). If you have a glass of green smoothie every day, you won’t need to think too hard about what vegetables to have at lunch or dinner.

If the NutriBullet is a little too expensive for you at the moment (£99.95), there are others on the market. Asda has a good range which starts from £24.99.


We hope we have shown you how easy it is to factor a green smoothie into your day. The health benefits are enormous and from such a simple and easy smoothie you really are doing your body (and hair) a real favour. We’re convinced the Government should issue a free NutriBullet to every household in the UK – this would be far cheaper than the enormous budget needed to fund the NHS on an annual basis!

Have a good 2 weeks.

With best wishes

My Secret Friend Team
Helping you to be your best

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Diary Notes Newsletter – 19 April 2014

Hi Everyone

As a Business passionate about diaries, we never miss a moment to tell anyone who will listen how great they are.

Diaries, if used regularly and consistently can really help you to organise your time, enabling you to be more productive and to get more of your tasks completed so that the time saved, can be used to do the things you really want to do. Let’s face it, we would much prefer to spend our time catching up with friends, spend more time with family or indulge in a day of some much needed pampering than battling to get through our usual day-to-day to-do-list. We’re sure at times it must seem almost impossible that we will ever find the time to just relax and enjoy ourselves with all that has to be done. But there is a way and a diary is the answer.

It initially looks time consuming to keep a diary and that you won’t have the time to devote to it but it only takes around 10 minutes towards the end of the day to write down what tasks/things you need to achieve the next day or for the week. This will get you organised, which will save you double the amount of time. And it’s all about momentum. Once you begin to use your diary and see exactly how much time you do save during your week, you will be more than happy and motivated to grab your diary every day at your usual time. We hope the benefits in the article below will encourage you, if you don’t already, to use a diary.

The Benefits of Keeping a Diary

Keeping a diary or a journal is not a fad; there are real benefits that come with taking a relatively short amount of time to journal every day. Women are naturally multi-taskers, and so the day can get hectic and consist of several different elements. This is where a diary can help with all those hectic moments.

List Your Tasks
One benefit of keeping a diary is that at the end of your day, you can spend as little as 10 minutes writing a list of tasks you need to complete the following day or for the whole week. Seeing your tasks written down in black and white will focus you in getting them done. We’ve found that if you look to get your most difficult, time consuming task done in the morning while you’re fresh, the momentum will carry you to get the other tasks done throughout the day. For example, your list could be:

Main List
Take car for MOT
Find a window cleaner
Pick up dry cleaning

Extra List
Book dentist appointment for the yourself/children
Buy birthday present for sister

My Secret Friend Diary

If you are able to take the car for it’s MOT in the morning, which is quite time consuming, then you will be more inclined to complete your other 2 less time consuming tasks. While the car is going through it’s MOT, you may be able to search for a window cleaner on your smart phone or tablet while you wait! Leaving you with just one last task to complete from your Main List (you’re motivational feel good factor will start to kick in at this time, knowing your Main List is almost complete). If you do manage to complete your Main List in the first half of your day and you feel you can accomplish 2 more, then look to your Extra List. If however, time slips away and you are unable to complete your Extra List then schedule them at the top of your Main List for tomorrow’s task.

Once you get into the routine of spending some quiet time of 10 minutes at the end of your day to write your list, you’ll find it will release stress and put you in a happier frame of mind for the next day.

Track What You Eat And Drink
If you work 9-5, you know how difficult it is trying to eat healthily and stick to it! The best way to manage what you eat and drink so you eat as healthily as possible is to keep a food diary. After you’ve spent time sorting out your list of tasks, spend a further 5 minutes going over what you intend to eat the next day or for the whole week. This will save you around 10-30 minutes during the week (winning you back some precious time!).

If you write what you plan to eat in your food diary you will have more of a chance of eating what is listed (a tip is to write this in black ink). Also, if you eat more than you have listed/intended (write this in blue ink), you can then look back over the week and see clearly where you have eaten more than you were intending (everything in blue) and this will help you to pinpoint at what times of the day you tend to overeat and what triggers this. You can then tweak your diet gradually to have more healthy snacks on hand for when those over-eating times do occur. Gradually you should then start to see less blue in your Food Diary!

Personal Achievements
Every year we make our New Year’s Resolution(s) to try and achieve a long held wish or ambition. Usually we will mention it to a friend that we would love to achieve this or accomplish that and most of the time it’s as far as we get with it, adding it to our next New Year’s Resolutions! If you make a note of what you would like to achieve/accomplish in your diary, you’ll find that you are half way there to achieving your goal/dream. Writing it down and seeing it in black and white will start you on the path to taking affirmative action. A diary is perfect for plotting how you can achieve your goal/dream and what steps you’ll need to take to bring you closer to it.

Keeping a diary will motivate you and others around you to find a sense of peace everyday. Daily journaling keeps your mind clear and your time organised, so there is more time in your life to do the things you really enjoy – and to really enjoy them without tasks you’ve been putting off for days or weeks creeping into your mind and spoiling your free time.

Another benefit of diary writing is that there is time to evaluate your life, so it is being enriched each and every day. So many people are caught up in their day-to-day activities that they don’t have a designated quiet time for reflection. This is a great way to train your brain, and to recharge every day as you allow your mind to unwind and restructure again. After a certain amount of time, you will notice that your creativity level rises too.

Decrease Stress
By writing in your diary, stress levels decrease, and you will find that you are more able to focus on the present. Journaling also increases the desire to share pen and ink with others, and using personalized stationery is a wonderful way to express the moment. Women are especially good at doing this, but who’s to say that the male population can’t open up and share, too. Remember the saying, “Living in the Present is a Gift.”

Secret Tip

The key to using your diary regularly and consistently is to buy a diary that you will look forward to opening every evening. You can buy a diary from a number of retailers, to suit all budgets.

My Secret Friend DiaryHere is a list of just a few:

John Lewis
My Secret Friend!

Look for a diary you love the look and feel of both inside and out.

Before you purchase your diary, spend around 15 minutes identifying what help you will need from it. For women, this could cover any of the following:-

New Year’s Resolution(s)
Food diary
Keep Fit and Health
Personal goals and achievements
Appointments, birthdays, anniversaries, parties, Me Time, spa days, massages and saunas
Getting your daily thoughts out and on to paper

For us, we very much view our diaries as our secret friend, helping us to achieve all we need to throughout the year. It’s there as a constant reminder to get things done in a timely fashion so we are as stress free as possible, motivate us to achieve our goals and to free us up to spend quality time with family, friends or time for ourselves. We therefore thought it was the perfect name for our Business.

We hope this edition has convinced you that keeping a Diary is the easiest way for you to win some valuable time back in your day to enable you to spend it in the most enjoyable way. We would love to hear if you bought a diary and how you got on during your first week.

Have a good 2 weeks.

With best wishes

My Secret Friend Team
Helping you to be your best

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The Unsung Vegetable – The Radish

                                                                                   Ideas For Your Food Diary
Helping you to be your best

Most people are not fond of vegetables.  Let’s be honest, it’s likely to be the last option for you at a buffet table and once you do reach the vegetable selection, the Radish would be even further down the list as a possible option.  The same could be said of shopping for vegetables, with Radishes probably being the last to be considered.  But you could be overlooking a vegetable that has many benefits.


Radishes is a root vegetable with a sweet peppery natural flavour.  Again, another reason why many tend to avoid them but there are many benefits to eating radishes and there are delicious ways to serve them.  Let’s take a look first at the many important benefits of the Radish:-

Aids Digestion
Radishes are a natural cleansing agent for the digestive system, helping to break down and eliminate stagnant food and toxins built up over time.

Relieves Indigestion
Radishes have a calming effect on the digestive system and can help relieve bloating and indigestion.

Sooth Sore Throats
Their pungent flavour and natural spice can help eliminate excess mucus in the body and can be especially helpful when fighting a cold.  Radishes can help clear the sinuses and soothe sore throats too.

Prevents Viral Infections
Because of their high vitamin C content and natural cleansing effects, regular consumption of radishes can help prevent viral infections.

Radish DishProtects Against Cancer
As a member of the cruciferous vegetable family (same as broccoli and cabbage) radishes contain phytonutrients, fibre, vitamins and minerals that are cancer protecting.

Naturally Cooling
Radishes are a naturally cooling food and perfect for decreasing excess heat in the body. Perfect if you live in a warm climate or holidaying somewhere hot.

Keeps You Hydrated
With a high water content and lots of vitamin C as well as phosphorus and zinc, radishes are a nourishing food for the tissues and can help keep your body hydrated and your skin looking fresh and healthy all summer long.

If you’re a keen gardener or are lucky enough to have green fingers, radishes are really easy to grow. The Roots are ready in about four weeks from sowing. You can sow radish seeds every 2 weeks throughout summer to add to your salads:-


If you are unable to grow your own Radishes, they cost around 50p for a 200g bag in any of the leading supermarkets in the UK.

Radish Dish

Radishes can be served in a variety of ways, not just in a salad. For inspiration, take a look at Martha Stewart’s delicious Radish recipes (we particularly like the Buttery Shrimp and Radish Pasta):-


We hope this article will encourage you to take a look at the Radish and even, dare we say it, be one of your main options when deciding what vegetables to add to your plate. Look out for them as they won’t be centre stage on most dining tables.

(7 benefits of the Radish published and taken from www.fullcircle.com)

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Five-A-Day Fruit And Veg ‘Is Not Enough’

Green SmoothieYesterday Sky News revealed a new report from the influential Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health that we actually need to eat seven or more portions of fresh fruit and veg a day if we want to avoid ill-health and reduce our likelihood of developing cancer or heart disease.


If you thought five-a-day was a struggle, this is probably not good news for you!  But there is a way of achieving this new target.  Drinking a glass of green smoothie in the morning and then half a glass/a glass in the evening will help you to achieve your daily quota.  As well as being easy and quick to make (5 minutes), it is far easier to drink your vegetables in this way than trying to factor it into your daily meals. If you often struggle with your Food Diary and menu, a daily green smoothie is a good base to plan all of your other day’s food around.  Also by adding fruit to your green smoothie it turns it into a really delicious smoothie, making it a far more enjoyable way of consuming your five seven-a-day.

If you missed our Secret Tip on the benefits of a green smoothie and how to make a basic green smoothie, read it now by clicking on the link below:


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Diary Notes Newsletter – 26 March 2014

Hi Everyone and a warm welcome to our new readers.

We’ve had a few nice sunny days lately which hopefully you have been able to enjoy – Spring is officially here – yay!  We also hope you’ve been able to get outside to take up the 10,000 steps challenge which will help you to keep healthy or shed a few pounds. Leave a comment below as we would love to hear how you’re getting on and how many steps you are currently taking.

In this Newsletter, we wanted to touch on a topic very dear to our hearts.  We just can’t stress enough the importance of Me Time.  As women, looking after ourselves comes way down our daily list – work, children, house, husband/partner, ME! (not necessarily in the same order for everyone) and by the time you’ve worked your way through the list and reached ME, you’re too exhausted to take care of yourself.  The extent of ME Time is probably trying to get enough sleep before you get going again!

It’s actually far better for you to let a few tasks go and factor some ME Time into your diary.  A good place to start is to try and factor in a sauna and/or massage every other month.  Need further convincing?  Take a look at the Article below.  We think you will be surprised at how many benefits there are in having a massage or taking a sauna.

Sauna and Massage – Good for your health

massageOne of the easiest and most beneficial ways you can improve your physical and mental well-being is through simply relaxing and allowing some time for yourself. And one of the best ways to do this is to get a massage or spend some time in the sauna, both of which are perfect for Me Time and have proven short and long-term health benefits.

Five Reasons To Schedule A Massage And Sauna Into Your Diary 

Massage strengthens the immune system by helping to encourage the production of lymphocytes, which are cells that help the immune system defend the body from illness. Studies show that individuals who get regular massages are less likely to get sick — giving you more time to focus your attention on what really matters

In addition to boosting the immune system, getting a massage and spending quality time in the sauna releases toxins that build up in the body and cause us to feel tired, cranky, and generally stressed out.

Spending time in a sauna can also benefit your cardiovascular health. That’s because the high temperatures raise your body’s core temperature and get your blood flowing and heart working harder. The increased heart rate that your body experiences in a sauna can be comparable to moderate exercise.**

Massage releases excess build up of cortisol, a naturally occurring hormone that has been linked to anxiety, depression, and even weight gain. Just an hour on the massage table can lead to improved mood and a calmer outlook on life.

Both sauna time and regular massages can improve your skin’s complexion, stimulating blood flow and making you glow and appear younger looking. Plus, both activities can help you get a better rest, so that the ‘beauty sleep’ you’re looking for can be particularly transformative.

saunaIt can be hard to allocate “Me Time” when you feel like your attention needs to be devoted to family, friends, work and countless other obligations. That’s why making an effort to schedule an occasional massage or sauna treatment into your diary or calendar is important. Not only does taking care of yourself lead to a happier you, it makes loved ones feel better, too.

To put it simply, everyone benefits when you can schedule in some “me time” in order for you to relax and focus on your health.

**  If you suffer from high blood pressure or heart disease, please consult your doctor before taking a sauna.

Secret Tip

The price of a regular massage and sauna is probably a stretch for most budgets.  To keep costs down, it’s worth trying to find a local beauty school.  Their final year students who are almost ready for the world of work will be able to give you a heavenly massage at a really reduced rate.

LCBT ClinicIf you live and work in London, a great place to go is The Salon at LCBT who are based just 3 minutes from Oxford Circus (47 Great Marlborough Street, W1F 7JP, Tel No. 020 7208 1302, Email salon@lcbt.co.uk).  Their massages start from £25.00 for a 60 minutes full body massage (A fantastic massage which is so relaxing you will be asleep in no time!) and they also offer other beauty treatments at very affordable prices – a basic 50 minute manicure for £12 or a  60 minute deluxe manicure for £15.


Groupon, Wahanda and Wowcher also offer weekly deals for massages as well as Hammam experiences (Turkish Sauna) at greatly reduced prices.

www.groupon.co.uk              www.groupon.com

www.wahanda.co.uk             www.wahanda.com


Saunas (whether dry or steam) start from £10 and the best place to go is usually your local leisure centre.  Set aside a minimum of 3 hours to really enjoy and benefit from your session.

So go on, make time to have a massage or take a sauna – go and get your diary now, select a date and commit to having either a massage or sauna – we promise you will feel so much better for it.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this edition and it has motivated you to set aside some Me Time.   It is always one of our main New Year’s Resolutions – a reminder that, going into the New Year, we need to look after ourselves if we want to look and feel our best.

We always welcome feedback good and bad, so please feel free to drop us a line.  Also, forward this Newsletter to a friend if you really enjoyed this edition and think they will too.

Have a great 2 weeks.

With best wishes

My Secret Friend Team
Helping you to be your best

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