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About Us

My Secret Friend is here to help you develop a more organised and purposeful life. We understand how complicated and stressful modern life can be, which is why we have created a host of products and services aimed at helping you get the most out of your life and career. If you are looking for a better way to direct and manage your goals, then you’ve found it with My Secret Friend.

Our Story

My Secret Friend was founded by a woman who was sick and tired of going through life unorganised and unfulfilled.  After failing to find a diary that would help her get organised and help get her life back on track, she decided to create one for herself.  Today, My Secret Friend is expanding to encompass a variety of products and services customised to help women throughout the world get in touch with what they really want in an organised fashion. My Secret Friend has specifically created a variety of diaries to help with every area of your life.

What We Do

We have created a line of products and services that will help guide you towards your true self and complete happiness. Our passion is to improve the lives of our customers through well thought out and tailored products and services that speak to their individual needs. By providing real life guidance, we aim to help women save time and get organised quickly. Our practical solutions enable our clients to achieve the greatest gift of all; time to enjoy life.

Why Diaries?

Diaries are not just for children. In fact, research has proven time and again that writing out our goals, desires, and daily activities help us organise our lives and feel better about ourselves. Based on this evidence, we are excited to offer our customers truly unique products that identify the heart of their problems and help them progress towards a happy, healthier life. However, not all diaries are created equally. Our diaries are more than just books full of empty pages. They are, in fact, outlined with guidance to help you correctly identify and organise your goals and problems. By outlining what to write and where to write it, we guide you towards a greater understanding of your life.

We also make it easier to run your business more efficiently with our Business Diary. Our Business Diary was created with business owners in mind, and gives everyone from entrepreneurs to career women a chance to better organise their day-to-day Business activities. Diaries are our primary tool in helping women all over the globe get in touch with a healthier way of living. We invite women all over the world to experience the power diaries can have by joining My Secret Friend and investigating our products.

Get Your Own Secret Friend Today!

It is our hope and mission to help women everywhere transform their lives through the practical solutions that we offer. We are confident that our Secret Friend products and services will help you overcome some of your most challenging obstacles. Why not save yourself time and stress? Let our powerful products help you organize your life and reach your dreams by choosing My Secret Friend.

Links We Love

At My Secret Friend, we'll be looking out for new websites that complement the information in our diaries, to make your life even easier to manage. New ideas are being broadcast all the time and we want you to benefit from them.

Our Ladies Diary is more than a diary. It's your personal trainer and food nutritionist.
It's your financial adviser. It is your 3-in-1 life planner and manager. It helps you
to manage your life, giving you more time to do the things that you enjoy, and live a
fulfilled life. It is also beautifully typeset and printed in the UK.

15 Wyndham Road, East Ham, London,E6 1AU  |  Phone: 07906 576 554 | Email: sharon@mysecretfriend.co.uk